A Success Story

  At 19, Ben Way is already a millionaire, and one of a growing number of teenagers who have

   Their fortune through the Internet. makes Bens story all the more remarkable is that he is dyslexic, and was by teachers at his junior school that he would never be able to read or write . I wanted to prove them , says Ben, creator and director of Waysearch, a net search engine which can be used to find goods in online shopping malls.

  When he was eight, his local authorities him with a PC to help with school work. Although he was to read the manuals, he had a natural ability with the computer, and by his father, he soon began people $l0 an hour for his knowledge and skills. At the age of 15 he up his own computer consultancy, Quad Computer, which he ran from his bedroom, and two years later he left school to all his time to business.

  By this time the company had grown and I needed to take on a of employees to help me, says Ben. That enabled me to start business with bigger companies. It was. his ability to consistently difficult challenges that led him to win the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the same year that he formed Waysearch, and he has recently signed a deal $25 million with a private investment company, which will finance his search engine.


  remarkable a.卓越的,值得注意的

  dyslexic a.诵读困难的 n.诵读困难者

  authority n.权威,权力,当权

  consultancy n.凡咨询公司,顾问工作

  overcome v. 克服,胜过

  entrepreneur n. 企业家,主办者

  investment n. 投资,投入


  1. What makes Bens story all the more remarkable ... : 使得 Ben 的故事更引人注意的是...

  2. It was his ability to consistently overcome difficult challenges ... : 正是他持续不断地克服困难挑战的能力


  1. A) taken B) made C) put D) done

  2. A) This B) That C) Something D) What

  3. A) said B) told C) suggested D) reported

  4. A) absolutely B) totally C) properly D) thoroughly

  5. A) wrong B) false C) untrue D) unfair

  6. A) provided B) gave C) offered D) got

  7. A) impossible B) incapable C) disabled D) unable

  8. A) promised B) invited C) encouraged D) animated

  9. A) owing B) charging C) lending D) borrowing

  10. A) put B) ran C) made D) set

  11. A) pay B) spend C) devote D) invest

  12. A) couple B) few C) little D) deal

  13. A) having B) doing C) making D) bringing

  14. A) overcome B) overlook C) overtake D) overdo

  15. A) valuable B) estimated C) priced D) worth


  1.B 固定搭配make fortune,意为制造财富,发财,因此选 B。其他三项均不合适。

  2.D 这里应该是一个由 what 引导的从句为主语的句子,表示使得 Ben 的故事更引人注意的 是,其他三项均无法引导该从句。

  3.B 根据句意,是 Ben 被告知,因此选项 told 为E确答案。said 意为被说,suggested 意为被建议,reported 意为被报道,均不合句意。

  4.C 联系上下文,了解到本句表达的是 Ben 曾被他的初中教师告知他将永远不能正确读写,而不是完全无法读写,因此 properly 才符合句意。absolutely 表示完全地,绝对地,totally 表示完全地,thoroughly 表示彻底地,完全地,均不合句意。

  5.A 根据句意,很容易了解 Ben 是要证明他们对他的判断错了,而不是说他们的判断是假的、不真实的,或者不公平的,所以 wrong 是正确答案。

  6.A 根据动词前的主语 local authorities 和后面的介词 with 可以知道他是被提供了一台个人电脑,所以选项 provide 为正确答案。如用 give 则不需跟介词 with,如用 offer 则需跟 to,如用 get 则需前面的主语是 Ben。

  7.D 根据句意,易知文中耍表达的是虽然他不能阅读使用指南,因此 unable 为正确答案。impossible 表示不可能的,incapable 表示元能力的,-般形容不能胜任的; disabled 表示有残缺的。

  8.C 根据句意,易知文中要表达的是在爸爸的鼓励下。若用 promised 则表示在爸爸的承诺下,il1-vited 则是在爸爸的邀请下,animated 表示有生气的,均不符合句意,因此 encouraged 为正确答案。

  9.B 根据句意,Ben 很快就开始以自己的知识和能力收费一二每小时10英镑,只有 charge符合句意。

  10. D 联系上下文,根据句意,Ben 创建了自己的公司一-Quad Computer,固定搭配 set up 表示创建,其他三项均不合适,所以选 D。

  11. C 根据句意,Ben 把所有的精力投入到公司经营当中,根据后面的介词 to。可知,只有devote 是正确答案。

  12. A 词组搭配 a couple of 表示一些,few 一般形容只需少量的几个,little 形容不可数名词,文中要表达的是公司已经发展壮大,Ben 需要雇用一些员工,因此只有 couple 符合句意。

  13. B 根据句意,Ben 开始与更大的公司做生意,固定搭配 do business with ...符合句意。其他三项均不合适。

  14. A 固定搭配 overcome challenge,表示克服困难,克服挑战,因此选 A。overlook 表示不注意,忽视,overtake 表示赶上,overtake 表示把做得过分。

  15. D 根据句意,价值2500万英镑的交易,显然 worth 是正确答案。valuable 表示珍贵的,值钱的,estimated 表示估计,预算,priced 表示给定价,附有定价的。


  19岁时,Ben Way已经是一个百万富翁了,他是越来越多的通过互联网获得财富的青少年之一。而使得Ben的故事更引人注意的是他有诵读困难,并且曾被他的初中教师告知他将永远不能正确读写。我要证明他们错了。Ben说。他后来成为Waysearch的创建者和董事长,Waysearch 是一个在网上购物商场查找货物的网络搜索引擎。




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