A Lucky Break

  Actor Antonio Banderas is used to breaking bones, and it always seems to happen when hes 1 sport. In the film Play It to the Bone he 2 the part of a middleweight boxer alongside Woody Harrelson. 3 the making of the film Harrelson 4 complaining that the fight 5 werent very convincing, so one day he suggested that he and Banderas should have a fight for real. The Spanish actor wasnt 6 on the idea at first, but he was 7 persuaded by his co-star to put on his gloves and climb into the boxing ring. However, when he realized how seriously his 8 was taking it all, he began to regret his decision to fight. And then in the third round, Harrelson hit Banderas 9 hard in the face that he actually broke his nose. His wife, actress Melanie Griffith, was furious that he had been playing silly macho games. She was right, confesses Banderas, and I was a fool to 10 a risk like that in the middle of a movie.

  He was 11 of the time he broke his leg during a football match in his native Malaga. He had always 12 of becoming a soccer star, of performing in front of a big crowd, but doctors told him his playing days were probably over. Thats when I decided to take 13 acting; I saw it as 14 way of performing, and achieving recognition. What happened to me on that football 15 was, you might say, my first lucky break.


  middleweight / midlweit/ n. 中量级拳击手

  convincing /k?nvinsi?/ a.有说服力的,令人信服的

  furious /fju:ri?s/ a. 暴怒的,强烈的

  macho / mɑ:t??u/ a. 雄壮的,男子气概的

  confess / k?nfes/ v. 承认,坦白


  1. ... plays the part of a middleweight boxer alongside ... :与并肩,扮演一个中量级拳击 手

  2. ... was reminded of the time ... :......想起的时候


  1. A) practising B) making C) doing D) losing

  2. A) plays B) does C) gives D) fights

  3. A) When B) As C) While D) During

  4. A) kept B) continued C) carried D) insisted

  5. A) actions B) matches C) scenes D) stages

  6. A) interested B) keen C) enthusiastic D) happy

  7. A) lastly B) eventually C) at the end D) after

  8. A) competitor B) contender C) opponent D) participant

  9. A) very B) more C) such D) so

  10. A) take B) make C) have D) get

  11. A) remembered B) reminded C) recorded D) replayed

  12. A) hoped B) pretended C) dreamed D) looked forward

  13. A) up B) on C) to D) over

  14. A) further B) additional C) different D) another

  15. A) match B) pitch C) court D) course


  1. C 根据句意,每次骨折似乎总是发生在做运动时,应当选用动词 do 0 practise 表示练习, 后面应跟某一项具体的训练,而不是 sport,所以正确答案为 C。

  2. A play the part of ...为固定搭配,意为扮演一个......的角色,其他三项均不合适。

  3. D 联系上下文,根据句意,在影片制作过程中,所以应当用 during。

  4. A 根据句意,Harrelson 在影片制作过程中不断地抱怨,而且后面的动词complain 用的是ing 形式,因此动词 keep连续,不断最为恰当。continue 后加动词 ing 形式一般表示在停顿后重新开始、继续,carry 一般后面跟介词on ,表示进行某项事务,insist 表示坚决主张,不合句意,所以选 A。

  5. C 联系上下文,因为是影片中的打斗场景,所以这里 scene 是正确答案。

  6. B be keen on 为固定搭配,表示对感兴趣,对......热衷,interest 后面配介词 in ,enthusiastic 后面配介词 of。

  7. B 联系上下文,作者要表达的是最终他还是被他的搭档说服了,副词eventually 放在动词 persuade 之前,lastly 表示最后一点,最后,at the end一般放在段落的最后,表示最后怎么样。

  8. C 根据句意,当他意识到是全心全意投人进来时,他开始后悔自己要打斗的决定,显然是对手非常认真的对待这场打斗,所以 opponent 是正确答案。

  9. D so... that ...固定搭配,太以至于,根据句意,Harrelson 如此狠地打在 Banderas 的脸上,以至于居然打破了 Banderas 的鼻子,其他选项都不适合。

  10. A 固定搭配 take a risk ,表示冒险。

  11. B 联系上下文,根据句意,他记起在他的故乡马拉加进行的一场足球比赛,是因为鼻子骨折这件事促使他想起了故乡的那次比赛,remind 表示提醒,符合句意。remember 表示自然想起,记起不合句意。

  12. C 根据句意和后面的介词of ,显然,他一直梦想成为一个足球明星,dream 是正确答案。 pretend 表示假装,后面眼介词 to,不合句意;look forward 表示叫向往,后面跟介词1 0 ,不合句意。

  13. A 固定搭配 take up sth. ,表示开始从事某事,根据句意,作者要表达的是我决定开始演戏,因此 up 是正确答案。

  14. D 联系上下文,作者显然把它看成是另外一种比赛,所以只有 another 符合句意。

  15. B 词组 football pitch,表示足球场。前面由介词 on 引导,后面一定是场地,也就是足球场,而不是 match比赛。court 表示网球场,course 表示跑道,均不符合句意。


  演员Antonio Banderas经常骨折,而且它似乎总是发生在运动时。在影片《拳拳到骨》中,他与Woody Harrelson并肩,扮演一个中量级拳击手。在影片制作过程中,Harrelson不停地抱怨整个打斗场面并不是很令人信服,所以一天,他提议他和 Banderas应该进行一场真正的打斗。这位西班牙演员起初对这一想法并不热衷,但最终他还是被他的搭档说服了,他戴上他的手套,爬上了拳击台。然而,当他意识到他的对手是全心全意投入进来时,他开始后悔自己要打斗的决定。在第三轮,Harrelson狠狠地打在Banderas的脸上,以至于居然打破了Banderas的鼻子。女演员Melanie Griffith,他的妻子对他进行这样一场傻男子气概的游戏非常愤怒。 她是对的,Banderas承认道,我在电影拍摄过程中进行这样一个冒险真是一个傻瓜。

  他记起在他的故乡马拉加进行的一场足球比赛,那次他的腿骨骨折了。他一直梦想成为一个足球明星,在众多观众前比赛。但他的医生告诉他,他的比赛生涯也许就要结束了。就在那时我决定开始演戏; 我认为这是另外一种比赛并且能够得到认可。可以这么说,发生在那次足球场上的事对我而言,是一次幸运的骨折。


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