1.Will you please call my husband as soon as possible?

  A) connect B) consult

  C) phoneD) visit

  1.C.call是多义词, 其常见词义为叫喊, 打电话, 拜访,起名 , 在句子中的含义是打电话, 相当于call up。 Phone或phone up: 打电话。

  call是常见动词, 与其相关的短语结构也是常见考察点:

  give a call 给某人打电话

  I gave the headmaster a call but he was out. 我给校长打了个电话,但他出去了。

  call off 取消mda.com

  The meeting has been called off. 会议取消了。

  call on 拜访

  Ill call on him tomorrow. 明天我去拜访他。

  职称英语词汇选项练习部分出现了关于call off的练习题:

  2.The workers finally called off the strike.

  A) put off B) ended

  C) participated inD) cancelled 取消

  2. D. call off的含义为取消, 因此D是答案。put off是推迟,由off组成的短语结构在复习中需要关注的有:

  take off 脱衣, 起飞

  set off 出发, 动身, 使爆炸

  turn off 关掉


  participate in take part in join in 参加

  end cease - close finish- stop terminate 结束, 停止

  3. Well give every teacher space to develop.

  A) chance B) employment

  C) room D) opportunity

  3.C.space的基本含义是空间, 因此C是答案。room是多义词,常见的词义为房间, 空间, 余地。选项A和选项D词义均为机会 , 彼此排除掉,employment是雇用,使用,职业。

  employ employment employer - employee


  She cant go to school because she is ill. 她不能上学了,因为她病了。

  Im ill prepared for the occasion. 对这种情况我没有什么准备。

  The children followed their mother into the room. 孩子们跟着母亲进了房间。

  I didnt follow him.我不理解他所说的话语。

  Please follow the instructions on the packet when you take the drug. 吃药时请按照包装上的说明去服用。


  take ones time 从容不迫

  take medicine 吃药

  take ones temperature 测量体温

  take courses 选课

  take/have a walk 散步

  4. The herb medicine eventually cured her diseases.

  A) nicely B) apparently

  C) finally D) naturally

  4.C. eventually是派生词, 其词义为最终, 终于, 所以C是答案。


  cure treat remedy 治疗

  apparent obvious evident - clear 明显的

  eventually finally at last in the end ultimately 最终

  5. The policeman asked him to identify the thief.

  A) name B) distinguish

  C) capture D) separate

  5.A/B. identify的基本词义为识别, 鉴别, 因此A是答案。


  distinguish tell discriminate 区分,分辨

  separate divide分开

  6.Americas emphasis on the importance of education for everyone has spurred scientific research.

  A) encouraged B) endangered

  C) prevented D) enlarged

  6.A. spur的基本词义为激励;鞭策,因此A是答案。




  encourage urge inspire spur 激励

  7. Some of the stories were mildly amusing.

  A) slightly B) hardly

  C) faintly D) sufficiently

  7.A.mildly的基本词义为温和地, 稍微,mildly在句中修饰amusing

  因此mildly在句中的词义为稍微, 因此A是答案。


  mildly gently 温和地

  mildly slightly a little - somewhat稍微地

  hardly rarely scarcely - seldom 几乎不

  faintly dimly 微弱地

  amusing funny interesting 有趣的

  sufficiently adequately - enough 充分地

  sufficiently 是高频词汇,职称英语词汇选项练习部分出现了关于sufficiently的练习题:

  8. Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree to which they can be deliberately controlled and modified.

  A) sufficiently B) noticeablyC) intentionally D) absolutely

  8.C. deliberately是单义词, 其基本词义为故意地, 因此C是答案。


  deliberately intentionally on purpose 故意地

  modify adjust alter change 改变

  noticeable remarkable unusual striking extraordinary 值得注意的, 非同寻常的


  9.It was a question of making sure that certain needs were addressed, notably in the pensions area.

  A) noticeably B) remarkably

  C) particularly D) significantly

  9.C. notably的基本词义为显著地,尤其, notably在句中修饰介词短语结构in the pensions area, 由此可见notably在句子中的含义为尤其, 因此C是答案。 A, B和D互为近义词, 均可表示显著地。

  10. Academic records from other institutions often become a part of a universitys official file and can neither be returned to a student nor duplicated.

  A) borrowed B) purchased

  C) copied D) lost

  10. C. duplicate在句中充当动词,其词义为复制, 使加倍, 因此C是答案。


  purchase buy 购买

  lost missing absent 失去的, 不见的


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